In Harmony All Ways (CD)

Recordings from In Harmony All Ways featuring nine ambient, lyrical solos by composer Debbie Center. These soothing piano reflections inspired by Minnesota’s Lake Country will transport you to the lake’s rejuvenating waters, soaring eagles, and the hauntingly beautiful calls of the loons. The sheet music is also available, which will provide enjoyment for intermediate to advanced pianists of all ages.

Piano sheet music book available: In Harmony All Ways Songbook

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Track No. Title
1 Dance of the Loons (Play)
2 Song of the Northwoods Chickadee (Play)
3 Three Eagles Spirit (Play)
4 Promises of a New Day (Play)
5 Missing You Already (Play)
6 Paddling Under a Super Moon (Play)
7 Lika’s Lullaby (Play)
8 In Harmony All Ways (Play)
9 Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Play)
10 Dance of the Loons Nature Track (Play)
11 Song of the Northwoods Chickadee Nature Track (Play)
12 In Harmony All Ways Nature Track 1 (Play)
13 In Harmony All Ways Nature Track 2 (Play)

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