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May 29, 2017

The father of one of my customers passed away recently. When I sent condolences via Facebook (FB), this was her reply. I’m just stunned and was bawling when I read her words!

“Oh my gosh, Debbie. I haven’t had the chance to tell you that we went to his bedside with the zither. Two estranged families came together over the beautiful hymn music played on the zither – your arrangements. More than 10 people chose love that day and let the zither lead us into a new future. That zither succeeded in changing hearts and minds where words were simply not enough. All because I met an amazing, gifted, generous and loving woman who shares her gifts with the world via FB. In the bible there’s a story of a man who is trying to save a city from the Lord’s wrath. He asks a series of questions that comes down to him asking if there is but one good man in the city, could it be considered valuable enough to save. God answers yes. I want you to keep that in mind as you put yourself out there on various Internet platforms. If you can be used to reach one single person and be God’s instrument (no pun intended) to change lives, would you be willing to withstand all the mean and nasty stuff you have to endure along the way? You, Debbie, were instrumental in changing a whole family tree for the better – for all eternity to come. You, Debbie, were the instrument that provided a moment that brought a moment of pride to a dying man as he viewed the legacy, his legacy that was growing even as he faced death. It happened around a simple little zither playing your single arrangement download I bought, Debbie. I’ll have to find you the title and message it to you. Hugs.”

Debbie’s music is a godsend to me as a recreation therapist working with mild and late stage dementia patients. I bought several sets of sheet music and played songs in the hospital and even without any training people loved it and even applauded. Thank you for helping me share moments of cheer in a place there is a real need for beauty.

Margot (Amazon Customer, Massachusetts)

Thank you so much! Had a great email chat with the writer of this book. We LOVE playing my daughters new lapharp and Christmas Songs are my favorite. You instantly sound like you have been playing for years….. sooo beautiful to play and listen to. Very peaceful. The whole family loves this little book!!! Thank you!!!

Kristi (Amazon Customer, Hawaii)

We have several of Debbie Center’s books that we thoroughly enjoy in our homeschool music program. We’ve been lucky to get to know her though writing and not only is she a wonderful music teacher, she is also a lovely person, with part of her earnings from these books going to support an animal shelter. We were very excited to try this new book out. I must say it has added a new layer to our music education by raising the bar to producing beautiful harmonies together. The lap harp is simple enough for the very youngest musicians to pick up and play immediately without requiring formal music instruction, and children meet with immediate success. Debbie’s books have allowed our children to evolve from playing simple tunes, to writing their own music, to learning about great composers, to now playing duets. Thank you Debbie for being such a big part of my girls’ love for music.

Raina (Amazon Customer, New York)

Dear Debbie,

I just want to tell you how much I, as well as my students, are enjoying the zither and the very cute, creative words for the classical pieces. The first week of spring I played “Spring” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and I think every student could now sing the tune, tell the title and composer of the piece! Every week since then, I have introduced a new piece and the children can’t wait to try playing it themselves. Even the little 5 year olds can play them perfectly and clamor to get the chance to try. I am buying a whole set to take to my five grandsons next month because I love to give them educational things rather than just toys. You may think this is just for the little children, but not so. My older students love it just as well and are eager to see what new piece will be introduced each week. Thank you for your imaginative innovation for teaching children tunes they can easily play and sing.

Your friend and colleague, Hazel Roberts-Ramsbotham NCTM

This is an amazing, creative program that introduces children to music and a variety of cultures. In a fun and positive approach that integrates information about the music and the musician, their world, a few words in their native language, etc., World of Harmony teaches to the whole child and opens up perspective on so many levels for the youngest students. My daughter was so excited to be able to master songs on her very first session. In addition, she enthusiastically continues to embrace music and to share information she gained years ago from the program. We can’t say enough about this terrific series. Debbie Center makes music accessible and friendly. She gives composers faces, lives, personality. She brings locations across the globe into your own livingroom, and she helps children to relate to people, cultures, history, holidays and languages they are not familiar with. She does all of this with a warmth and enthusiasm that you will see immediately reflected in your child. And most amazingly, she does this all through the common language of beautiful music played by your child on an instrument that holds universal appeal!

Sharon Andersen (Lakewood, CO)

This is a GREAT introduction to playing an instrument! My son took this course at age 5 and absolutly LOVED it! The children are able to play the pieces immediately. Being a music teacher, myself, I can be very critical of various music methodologies out there, but this program is fantastic. It is very well-rounded and teaches about the composers, their lives, and their music. My son, now 6 1/2, has moved on to piano lessons, but still comes back to the zither and his music to play for fun. Debbie Center is an accomplished musician with a gift for teaching. She has worked for many years on developing this program and it shows. Top quality.

Lindsay Igoe (Littleton, CO)

My two kids have been enrolled in a World of Harmony Class for over a year now. It has been a fabulous “on-ramp” and stepping stone to their musical education. They can now not only recognize great musical works, but they appreciate and love them! Debbie is fantastic with the children! My husband and I are so grateful that we found her and her class at this important formative time in our children’s lives.

Beth S. (Littleton, Colorado)

Our family has benefited from Debbie’s music instruction for the last five years; I recommend her to my friends all the time. My youngest child is currently enjoying the World of Harmony music class. The older two have “graduated” from the class and are becoming accomplished pianists under Debbie’s teaching. World of Harmony gave them a solid background in music styles and theory and prepared them beautifully for piano lessons. Debbie has found the perfect balance of challenging my children to meet their potential while keeping her lessons fun and positive. I couldn’t be more pleased with her teaching!

Stacey Stillwell (Littleton, Colorado)

Over the last few years, all four of my children have taken this class from Debbie. It has been a wonderful experience! The music program is fabulous! It engages the students, and they end up learning without even realizing because they’re so busy having fun. In fact, the moms who sit in end up learning, too! Debbie has a wonderful way of working with children. She is very patient and capable of reaching each kid right where he or she is. And, she’s so enthusiastic about music that the kids can’t help but come along for the ride! We’ve taken several classes for enrichment in the Denver area, and hands down Debbie’s have been the absolute best!

Jennifer Lindner-Green (Littleton, Colorado)

Our 3 year old son was itching to play a musical instrument. His big sister got to play piano and he really wanted something of his own to play. We were so thankful to find Debbie’s World of Harmony Music program. Josh “finally” had his own instrument and the whole family learned about the classic composers in a fun, playful environment. Josh is now 11 years old and has been playing electric guitar since he was 6. He has a deep appreciation for all musical genres and we thank Debbie and World of Harmony for giving him such a wonderful gift.

The Frank Family

The creator of this music really knows what she’s doing. These instruments can only play a limited number of notes so it’s a real art to make faithful reproductions of great works and that’s exactly what this collection does. It’s a blessing that such a talented musician has taken the time to precisely place each note in the right place for these instruments and make sure the timing is perfect. The only bad thing I can say about the collections is I wish there were more from this company!

Bryan McDonald (Amazon Customer, California)

My 4 year old daughter was able to quickly learn to play the zither using the World of Harmony zither music books. It contains a mix of classical and children’s music. The zither is an easy instrument for young children to learn and a fun way to get them into music (it’s pretty fun for parents too). The music fits well under the zither strings. I would think this would be great for home schoolers to learn music.

Colorado Mom (Amazon Customer)

Wonderful books, can’t wait to try them all. Have tried several already and am so very pleased with them. Great transaction, and I received them 4 days before the estimated arrival date. Unbelievable. So glad to have made this purchase. I would recommend these books highly.

Amazon Customer

The World of Harmony series is ideal as an introduction to music for children. The ease and immediacy of making music by plucking the string above each note on the page, which is slipped under the zither strings, is attractive and encourages children to want to make music. I purchased all four books in this series to date and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the content. I specially appreciated the range of music presented: gems from classical music – music from different parts of the world – familiar children’s songs – Christmas music. Clever rhymes and stories teach about the composers and provide information about many of the fragments of classical music. Words of songs printed on the page enable children to sing along. Each book includes a rhythm lesson to teach the value of notes and a tuning guide for the zither. I have enjoyed getting to know these books and will continue to enjoy them as I introduce them to my grandchildren. I know that they will enjoy them also and I look forward to seeing more books in this series.

Mary Tucker (New Zealand)

I got a zither/lap harp for my family this Christmas and I was looking for some music. I saw this sweet book of music and I am so glad I ordered it. As I was wrapping the present today, I tried it out. I am completely unmusical, unlike the rest of my family, and even I could play from these charts. The book slides perfectly under the strings, and it is so clear and obvious what strings you should play that anyone would be able to do it. Great selection of songs too! Super fast shipping and the seller/author was kind enough to include a sweet personal message and autograph which makes it even more special! Highly recommended!

Susan (Amazon Customer)

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