Testimonials ~ Art

June 5, 2021

I am so amazed by the feedback I’ve received about my hand-painted pieces of art! Here are some examples that truly made my day.

I had the privilege to win a photograph of my choice, I chose a northern lights that was an award winning photograph. I proudly display this in my living room. Amazing capture. I was drawn to the ornaments right away. I wanted Debbie to make an ornament using her judgment about what to paint just by telling her our story. And it’s amazing and it came out perfect! We had to have one done to celebrate our moving here to Two Inlets, MN. This is also proudly placed with our collections. I’m blown away with you Debbie every day. I think your art captures the moments, the shadows, the wildlife, the lights and colors every piece of art is better than the last. I can’t tell you how much of a cool artist and person you are. ~ Cindy in Two Inlets, Minnesota ♥

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