About World of Harmony Music & Art, by Debbie Center

May 26, 2017
Debbie Center, Founder of World of Harmony Music & Art

Welcome to World of Harmony Music & Art, where you’ll find zither and piano music books and printable sheet music, as well as hand-painted pieces of art and nature photography. All music books were written and printed in Colorado and Minnesota, my two home states. Whether you’d like to teach music, give someone the gift of music or art, or learn to play an instrument yourself, you’ve come to the right place, and I am glad you’re here.

World of Harmony Music is a fun and easy way to perform and learn all about dozens of pieces of classical music as well as modern music and the folk tunes of various cultures. Whether you’d like this music for your own enjoyment and education, you’re home schooling, you’d like to teach children of your own, or you’d like to teach your own classes to students of any age, these books will make that goal so fun and easy!

Olivia playing the Zither

Each classical music sheet has the music notes and my educational lyrics on one side of the sheet, and a “flip side” on the other. The “flip side” presents many fun and interesting facts about the composer and his music, making the lesson easy to learn, and easy to teach. Each volume of music is wire-bound into easy-to-use music books. Just turn to the page you want to play, and place the entire book under the strings of the zither. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy playing great music right away! No more losing or bending sheet music.

The instrument is also called a lap harp, cymbala, yerbonitsa, or plucked psaltery. They’re so easy to play from your very first try! You simply slip the sheet music under the strings of the zither, pluck the strings in the order shown on the sheet music, and enjoy immediate success playing music! Learn more about the Zither.

Amazing Experiences with Special Needs Kids

Little girl playing zither with her toes

I was presenting my program at the Great Homeschool Conference when this beautiful little girl caught my eye. I noticed that she had limited use of her hands, and that Still Small Voice nearly screamed at me, “GO GET HER!” I’m big on listening to that call, so I asked her if she’d like to try playing our instruments. She could immediately play “Silent Night”, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! I will never, EVER forget that little girl. She has a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, which causes the joints and muscles in her arms and legs to be underdeveloped and or stuck. Here’s the video of that unforgettable experience. A few days later, her mom sent me this video where she’s actually playing the zither with her toes! WOW, how amazing is this little girl? Update: We got to see Lily again in March, 2018, and her abilities on her zither are just amazing! Here’s a video of Lily using her feet to select “Go Tell It on the Mountain”. She then inserts the book into the zither and beautifully plays the music while holding the pick between her toes! This kid just wows me every time.

I have had incredible experiences with autistic children as well. The mother of an autistic girl left me an unforgettable message on my phone, sharing with me how amazing the zither is for her little daughter.

World of Harmony Music & Art