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Welcome to World of Harmony Music, where you'll find zither sheet music books and downloads, a CD of original lake-inspired piano music, and even Lake Country photography. Every single item supports Headwaters Animal Shelter in Park Rapids, MN!

Whether you'd like to teach music, give someone the gift of music or photography, or learn to play an instrument yourself, you've come to the right place, and the shelter animals and I are glad you're here! 


First, let's talk about the zither program. Are you interested in fostering a love of great music for your child while giving him a very thorough musical education? World of Harmony Music is a fun and easy way to perform and learn all about dozens of pieces of classical music as well as modern music and the folk tunes of various cultures. Whether you’d like this music for your own enjoyment and education, you're home schooling, you’d like to teach children of your own, or you’d like to teach your own classes to students of any age, these books will make that goal so fun and easy! 

The instrument is also called a lap harp, cymbala, yerbonitsa, or plucked psaltery. They're so easy to play from your very first try! You simply slip the sheet music under the strings of the zither, pluck the strings in the order shown on the sheet music, and enjoy immediate success playing music! 

Each classical music sheet has the music notes and my educational lyrics on one side of the sheet, and a “flip side” on the other. The “flip side” presents many fun and interesting facts about the composer and his music, making the lesson easy to learn, and easy to teach. Each volume of music is wire-bound into easy-to-use music books. Just turn to the page you want to play, and place the entire book under the strings of the zither. It couldn't be easier to enjoy playing great music right away! No more losing or bending sheet music.

All books were written and printed in Colorado and Minnesota. Your purchase supports a very small business; it's just me in my little living room. It doesn't get any smaller than that! What's more, you're helping to support a privately funded animal shelter. For every single zither book sold since 11/1/11, I have donated $1.11 to Headwaters Animal Shelter in Park Rapids, Minnesota, and I promise to continue doing so!

Don't have a zither? I am thrilled to announce that
 Appalachian Spirit Folk Instruments in South Carolina is hand crafting beautiful, high quality hard wood zithers which are made exclusively for World of Harmony Music! See my little World of Harmony Music logo peeking through the sound hole? Each zither is individually numbered, labeled, and signed by the instrument maker! You can choose from a variety of hard woods and even choose one with art work, including Grateful Dead dancing bears! To order one of these beautiful zithers, please contact Bill LaCasse at

Here's a video where you can learn more about Bill's instruments.

These books are also compatible with zithers made by Music Maker (Nepenenoyka), Small World Toys, Melody Harps, and T.K. O'Brien's. The T.K. O'Brien's instruments are much more expensive, but very unique. I have the one pictured below. I just couldn't resist buying the one with the bald eagle.

Perhaps the most commonly owned entry-level zithers are the Melody Harp and Music Maker brands. Many of the Music Makers look like they say Nepenenoyka on the face of them. However, the word is actually Russian, in cyrillic writing, because they're from Belarus. Did you know it's pronounced like Pyer-uh-puh-losh-ka? I sure didn't! That's a tiny bird that lives in Belarus. It only sings when it's way up in the air, where you can't even see it. However, you can hear it, and it's beautiful! The instrument is named after this tiny bird. 

IMPORTANT! Please note that these books do NOT work with First Act or Happy Hape instruments, as those are smaller. You could, however, purchase my music books and cut them to fit your First Act or Happy Hape zither. You will, however, lose a few notes at the beginning or end of some of the songs.

Kleenex Alert!!

I was presenting my program at the Great Homeschool Conference when this beautiful little girl caught my eye. I noticed that she had limited use of her hands, and that Still Small Voice nearly screamed at me, "GO GET HER!"
I'm big on listening to that call, so I asked her if she'd like to try playing our instruments. She could immediately play "Silent Night", and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! I will never, EVER forget that little girl. Here's the video of that unforgettable experience. 

A few days later, her mom sent me this video where she's actually playing the zither with her toes! WOW, how amazing is this little girl? 

People never believe me when I tell them that kids as young as 3 or 4 can play the zither. Meet 4-year-old Abby! She has had only nine lessons and not only plays  beautifully, but she also knows how to count eighth notes, quarter notes, dotted quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes!

Ready to check out the music books? Please visit my Amazon Store to read all about the zither sheet music books and order them if you'd like. You will also find a CD of my piano music, called "In Harmony All Ways"!

Great news!! If you're looking for sheet music of current music, arranged for piano or zither, I'm participating in the "Arrange Me" program at Sheet Music Plus! I'm just having a ball arranging current music for the zither, like Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Over the Rainbow"! You can find my arrangements by clicking on  "Debbie Center's Arrangements on Sheet Music Plus". 

Here I am, playing my arrangement of "Hallelujah". I arranged this the
day after Leonard Cohen passed on, in memory of him. 

Not sure if my books will fit your zither? The photo shows the dimensions of compatible zithers.  Click here to download a free piece of music to print and try on your zither!

Here's a video of my daughter and me playing a duet of "Frere Jacques", using Volumes 3A and 3B. As you can see, I end up with a big case of the giggles! Playing duets is so much fun, I just couldn't quit giggling!

Need help figuring out how to tune your zither? I created two videos especially for you! The first video shows me tuning a zither with a free digital tuning app called "Pano Tuner". This little tuner works so well! I just set my iPhone or iPad next to my zither, and the tuner lets me know when I've found the right pitch. Couldn't be easier! They never arrive to your home or to a store in tune, because shipping knocks them out of whack. It's a long video, but I hope it will be helpful. The second video shows my zither tuned up and ready to go! To get the free tuning app I'm using in my video, visit

Did you break a string? Don't you hate that?
My business partners, Bill and Liza LaCasse, created a video just for Mimi,
one of our customers. I'm sure it will help you, too!
Here's their video to help you replace it.

I'd sure love to hear how you're using books, get suggestions for future books, and just get to know you.

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